S.T.A.R.C.H Season 2 Trailer
S.T.A.R.C.H Season 2 Trailer

2014 was a long year. Setback after setback, difficulty after difficulty. The independent life ain’t easy man, not by any wide stretch of the imagination, 2014 was a year full of tests to our conviction, full of adversity…but oh what golden fruit did it bear. We weathered the storm, and came back stronger than ever. S.T.A.R.C.H Season II is an ode to altruists & creators everywhere…we have 4 young entrepreneurs moving forward in a world full of uncertainty…a woman using her art to shape the minds of the future…and another woman putting her life on the line to save people from one of America’s ugliest truths…indeed, this Season is an ode to the triumph of the human spirit.

Produced by Rebel Minded Media

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