S.T.A.R.C.H Episode VII: L’artiste et L’educateur
S.T.A.R.C.H Episode VII: L’artiste et L’educateur

As we continue with the Season 2 theme of altruistic creators, we enter Sophia Domeville: a Haitian-American Abstract Expressionist painter and educator who is the subject of this here Episode VII: “L’artiste et L’educateur” (french for the artist and the educator). Sophia gives an in-depth account of her life, her trials and tribulations, her growth and evolution as an artist, and her very special philosophy concerning the development of artistic ability in young children…and of why she believes this shapes them into better human beings. We couldn’t agree more; definitively one of our most humane episodes to date. A beautiful soul, of that there is no doubt. Sophia, ladies and gentlemen.

Produced by Rebel Minded Media

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