S.T.A.R.C.H Special: GENESIS
S.T.A.R.C.H Special: GENESIS

So it’s come to our attention that S.T.A.R.C.H is an enigma to pretty much…everybody :\ That’s actually not that surprising, lol, considering we’re an indie platform and all – it isn’t VICE level numbers of subscribers coming through here yet bro haha (Speak it into life though!) But still, we figured that for those of you who do make it here (starch.nyc), all should be made clear from reading our mission statement/philosophy from the Manifesto page right? No? Yes? Lol well to clear things up a bit and before we get into this action-packed season we’re currently filming, we figured a re-introduction was in order. While you may not discover what the acronym actually stands for (easy tiger, lol), you willllll hear from our colorful little gang here, everything that S.T.A.R.C.H is…and everything it’s becoming 🙂 GENESIS ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy.

Produced by Rebel Minded Media

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